1 month post op

I swear I’m the slowest loser!  15.5 pounds in the first month….I definitely thought I would be down 20-25 in the first month!  I have to step up the water and the exercise I’m guessing. But when I think about dieting in the past, I’ve never lost 15.5 pounds in a month so there’s that! I’ve had no caffeine in a month! I have been playing with decaf coffee. Thinking I’d just prefer tea. That’s been the biggest taste variance I think I’ve had.  Trying harder to get my protein grams and fluid ounces in each day. Takes me about an hour to get all my vitamins in because they make me full and nauseated.  Trying to actually eat some foods. And working. Oh and making sure I take a crap every day or two!  It really is a lot of work. 🀷🏻‍♀️πŸ˜‚ I have had more energy. I am sleeping better most nights. I am getting some chill spin rides in each week but still not enough exercise for sure.  Not a ton to report for the final week of the month! 

Post-op week 3

This week has been a little rough!  I was able to start phase 3 of food, soft foods.  I ate a little Thanksgiving foods which was nice to be able to join in with the family. But for the most part, I have stuck with phase 2 foods-protein shakes and yogurt and soups. For the soups, I have not strained them so have gotten some meat and veggies in those. I feel like I add protein powder to EVERYTHING!  I add it to the soup, to my yogurt, my applesauce. I am actually indulging in some applesauce right now without added protein and I feel guilty.  I am supposed to be at 60-80 grams of protein per day and 64 ounces of liquids. I typically hit about 50 of each most days. It’s hard. Sometimes I just want to eat and satisfy my mouth but my body says nope!   I added in my vitamins this week and a few extra I take on my own for prevention. I swear it takes me literally all morning to get the pills in.  I also started coming back into the office for work this week. That’s been rough. I haven’t slep

Post-op week 2

Literally, stalled!  Ugh!  Looks like most people stall for a week or so around week 3. Looks like mine came sooner.  It’s not like I’m over eating that’s for sure!  So I’m working on patience and increasing water and protein until my body decides to start dropping again!   Thanksgiving day I got to eat real food!  That was day 14 post op. I tried to have a small breakfast. Literally ate about ten bites. Had a protein shake mid day and a couple bites of each dinner food.  I have noticed my heart rate increases and pounds harder when my body is telling me it’s time to stop eating!  I had read about that before my surgery but never could have imagined it happening until it did. My  fiancΓ© was like what are you doing when I was comparing our rates ans having him feel my pulse. 🀣 I did slightly get the “foamies” on Day 15 also. I ate half of a multi grain english muffin over probably five minutes. Stomach HURT!  And I had the foamies and wanted to puke but couldn’t!  I walked around and i

Pumpkin UNFluff

I have seen lots of variations of this online. Today I gave it a try.  I used 15oz can of pumpkin, 1oz box of sugar free vanilla pudding mix (I have seen it with cheesecake flavor and I really wanted it that way but couldn’t find it!), 8oz sugar free cool whip, few dashes of all spice and a few dashes of cinnamon. Mixed it all together. Note-do not make the pudding, just pour in the pudding box contents.  I took a small serving and added a scoop of unflavored protein powder for me.  Delicious!   I really prefer more natural and organic ingredients. Sugar free and fat free things tend to have so much crap ingredients!  I do not enjoy spending my time in the kitchen. But I will be starting to make more keto/low carb recipes using things like almond flour, stevia, monk fruit, etc as healthier alternatives.  This recipe really was a quick holiday yummy! Lastly please note-Since I don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen-no recipe I ever post will be my own!  I may take something and tweak

Post-op Day 12

Can you say FRUSTRATED?!?! I have not lost an ounce in five days!  Such a serious mind f***!  Have surgery and eight days in stall for a week!  Nobody can even tell I’ve had surgery at this point. My body is like nope, nine pounds, we will chill here for a bit!  I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be. Maybe a little low on fluids and protein but most people are at this point!  Had a post op appointment yesterday and she said, “don’t worry, it will come off-maybe stop weighing each day!”  Ugh! Haven’t told my kids, grown kids, yet. Was planning to tell them Friday when I see them.  But dang, they’re not even gonna notice anything and I can just pretend I’m not super hungry, I’ll be on soft foods and can eat some anyway… I’ve read about people stalling around week three…but week 1!  This is some bulls***!  I am literally going to count every ounce and gram today to see exactly where I am liquid and protein wise but I know I’m over half way to the recommendation! Who else has a complete

Post-op week 1

Not many pictures since I have still been recovering and therefore lounging around the house!  I did get dressed once on Day 6 and take myself to get my nails done to perk myself up a bit.  8 pounds in 7 days!  I’ll take it!  The weight has been consistently falling off. I am so grateful as I have NOT had any of the bad things I was working myself up for!  I had no gas pain. I have had no nausea. I have had no issues with constipation. I have had no issues with dehydration. Those four things were issues I thought I would for sure have in the beginning. And I haven’t had them AT ALL!  I am just hoping that doesn’t mean more issues later and that it does mean a nice smooth recovery and lifestyle. I am definitely getting tired of decaf coffee and yogurt. I am loving Pacific Red Pepper and Tomato soup. And yesterday I finally got the Genepro unflavored protein powder people talk about. It’s amazing. I added it in the soup yesterday. No issues. Today I’m gonna add it in some oatmeal and see

Post-op Day 3

Shower day!  Woohoo!  Bandaids off. Hair washed. Teeth brushed. Feeling better. Belly still feels like someone used it as a punching bag. The large incision on the right is most painful but only when coughing or moving. No pain at rest. Esophagus feels a little full. Still sucking on ice chips because I feel it’s easiest to get water in and not take too big of gulps. Getting better using the incentive spirometer. Keeping those lungs open so they don’t get a pneumonia. Down 1-1/2 pounds since surgery morning.  ****************** 🩹 RNY: 11/11/21 πŸͺ„ Height: 5’3” πŸ’Ž HW: 241 πŸ’Ž SW: 228 πŸ’Ž GW: 130 πŸ’Ž CW: 227 πŸŽ‰ Total Lost:  ******************* #losingsomesass #losingsomeass #rnygirl #weightlossstories #wellnessnourney #rnystrong #weightlossinspo #wellnessforlife #rnylifestyle #weightlossresults #wellnessgoals #rnygastricbypass #weightlossdiary #wellnessliving #rnytransformation #weightlossresults #wellnesswarrior #rnysupport #weightlossprogress #wellnesstime #rnyjourney #jeepgirltransformat